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What a Slip Ring Can Do

Slip rings enable the transmission of data, power, fluids and gases between moving and stationary components, making the slip ring the key component in every automated system. These rotary joints are indispensable for a great many challenging applications and products. The available options for the manufacture of customized slip rings are as wide-ranging as our customers’ requirements.

What We Can Do

SCHLEIFRING – our name is a byword for the highest level of precision and reliability in the development and production of rotary joints. As an innovation leader, we set new standards with our solutions and thus open up wide-ranging perspectives for our customers. Even for exceedingly demanding requirements, such as the development of hybrid concepts for power transmission, we have the right solution: For radar applications, for example, we can transmit power, coolant and data via several channels in a single rotary joint system.

We Set New Benchmarks

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Contacting Rotary Joints

During the contacting rotating transmission of electric power as well as during signal or data transmission, special brushes are brought into contact with suitable slip ring track materials. Our contacting slip rings meet the highest quality standards, even for custom requirements with regard to the materials and the geometry.

Contactless Slip Rings

We are the pioneers in contactless transmission of image data in high-end quality. Our products enable image data to be transferred at more than 50 GBit/sec with the very best transmission quality. These and other high-quality developments have made us the innovation and market leader for customized slip rings. We have been the industry leader for more than four decades and set new standards for advanced product development.

Contactless Schleifringe
Fiber Optical Rotary Joint (FORJ)

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs)

We have a wide range of fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs) in our portfolio for quick and seamless transmission of high data rates. We produce compact on-axis devices ranging from single-channel to 60-channel solutions for passive transmission, in both single-mode and multi-mode versions. The fields of application range from aerospace to offshore and medical applications.

The Path Through the Slip Ring

Downtime is not an option – which is why you need a reliable partner. No matter what challenges you are facing with regard to transmission technology, SCHLEIFRING works closely with you to develop the optimum slip ring to meet your individual requirements. Our extensive experience and flexible products variants allow an interference-free transmission path through the slip ring.


What is a slip ring? A slip ring is an electromechanical component that forms a sliding contact in conjunction with a brush. Slip rings enable electric power or signals to be transmitted between a stationary and a rotating component. The basic principle is identical for all rotary joints, but the slip ring structure is variable – depending on which of the wide-ranging applications is envisaged: airport baggage scanners, slip rings in the medical sector, slip rings for filling plants, and slip rings for radar systems, to name just a few examples. SCHLEIFRING is not only the market leader for rotary joints but also the industry’s technology leader. Besides providing trendsetting know-how, we also offer our customers practical all-in-one slip ring solutions – from the development and production of both standard and customer-specific slip rings to their maintenance and repair, if required, with guaranteed short-term availability of spare parts at all times.