»The use of slip rings in the aerospace sector is the supreme discipline in transmission technology: no other development does more to foster our inventive talent.«

Air Vehicles

Schleifringe for airplanes


Rotary joints in the aviation sector are generally compact custom-made products that have to function reliably even when subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, shocks, vibrations or radioactivity. They are also subject to special requirements in the areas of documentation, proof of suitability and product specifications. Our close cooperation with our customers, starting in the development phase, is a key success factor here.  

Schleifringe for Helikopter


Challenges in mid-air – the sophisticated slip rings used in helicopters generally transmit data for laser seeker heads or infrared cameras. Depending on the application, helicopters also operate under extreme conditions. The data trans- mission for an infrared camera, for example, is complex and requires a high transmission rate, especially during real-time video transmission.

»We set great store by close cooperation with our customers – starting in the development phase. This enables excellent results to be achieved.«

 Schleifringe for space travel
Space travel


In space, unique conditions prevail that regularly pose major challenges for the engineers. Here in particular, it is absolutely crucial that every component works perfectly, whether subjected to a vacuum or extreme temperature fluctuations. During the development and manufacture of tailor-made slip rings for extreme conditions, we view frontiers as hurdles to be overcome.

SCHLEIFRING Applications



Electric current is used to operate machines, devices and means of transport, for light and heat, and to transmit messages and data. The electricity needs are high – and the demand for environmentally friendly technologies for the generation of electricity is increasing. Slip rings are used to transmit power in wind power plants and wind turbines.



In medical diagnostic imaging, computer tomography is an important instrument. Precise data would be impossible without CT slip rings. With a diameter of up to two meters, they are the giants among slip rings and allow contactless transmission of high-definition image data.


 Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial companies continually find themselves confronted with manifold technical challenges that constantly require new, state-of-the-art solutions. Modular slip rings for industrial applications offer the necessary individuality.




Slip rings make an indispensable contribution to the protection of people and property in radar and reconnaissance systems as well as in monitoring systems and baggage scanners.