Schleifring for Industrial Manufacturing

»We are particularly proud of this product: Already during the development phase, the quality level of the prototypes was unprecedentedly high.«

Slip Rings in Filling Plants

Schleifringe in bottling plants

If a wide range of different equipment versions are in use in a filling plant due to various upgrades, problems can arise with regard to availability and delivery times. Working together with our customer, we developed a modular concept that enabled us to significantly reduce the large number of different specifications. This allowed us to drastically reduce both the lead times and the costs for our customer.


Schleifringe for machine tools

»The integration of a slip ring in a very limited space can only succeed within the scope of a close cooperation based on partnership – if possible, not only during the development phase but also throughout the project.«

Slip Rings in Machine Tools

A tight installation space places special requirements on the slip ring: One of our customers needed to install a slip ring with maximum power transmission and concurrent transmission of different signals in a very confined space – inside a machine tool. Once again, through intensive collaboration we were able to find a tailored solution for this customer's application.

Schleifringe for machine tools

Perfect Symbiosis

Schleifringe in motion simulators

Slip Rings in Motion Simulators

For complex motion simulators, slip rings are required that fulfill special requirements: Working together with one of our customers, we developed a supply chain concept and built a production cell that stocks all required materials directly at the workstation This led to a reduction in the throughput time and the costs. At the end of the development phase we provided our customer with a modular system that enables him to specify his own customized slip ring.

Special requirements

Special Requirements

For the development of slip rings that meet special requirements, close cooperation with our customers is essential. The boundaries between SCHLEIFRING and our customers become totally blurred. For example, our customers produce drawings of the position and size ratios of the slip ring in the application, which we use in our production: a win-win situation for both parties.

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SCHLEIFRING Applications



Slip ring designs for the aerospace sector require a high degree of precision and technical reliability. Depending on the field of application, they are subject to extreme conditions. Working together with our customers, we develop customized slip rings that are able to fulfill these requirements.



Electric current is used to operate machines, devices and means of transport, for light and heat, and to transmit messages and data. The electricity needs are high – and the demand for environmentally friendly technologies for the generation of electricity is increasing. Slip rings are used to transmit power in wind power plants and wind turbines.


Schleifring Energy
Schleifring Medicine


In medical diagnostic imaging, computer tomography is an important instrument. Precise data would be impossible without CT slip rings. With a diameter of up to two metres, they are the giants among slip rings and allow contactless transmission of high-definition image data.




Slip rings make an indispensable contribution to the protection of people and property in radar and reconnaissance systems as well as in monitoring systems and baggage scanners.