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Whatever you want to move reliably and cost-effectively – whether on land, at sea, in air or in space – SCHLEIFRING’s products and services guarantee perfect transmission of power, electrical signals, data and media. Our know-how and the numerous inventions made by SCHLEIFRING are the basis on which we constantly redefine the limits of technical feasibility. This is proven by several hundred trendsetting inventions and more than 230 patents.


SCHLEIFRING is an innovation leader and technology expert – in part, thanks to the zeal of our outstanding team. Every single member of our staff puts their heart and soul into their excellent work, thus producing outstanding solutions, for over 50 years.

Sustainability at SCHLEIFRING

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A Special Company

Respect for the environment plays a central role in our product development and all our work processes. We want to leave a clean ecological footprint and are proud of our positive environmental balance. Our decision to install geothermal systems, green roofs as well as photovoltaic systems is the fundamental basis of our sustainability concept. Covered cycle shelters and electric charging stations also enable our employees to follow this concept and get to and from work in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Social Responsibility -
The Human Being at Centre Stage

As a global company, we consider social responsibility to be an important issue. We also attach great importance to promoting the well-being of our employees as well as supporting social projects. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) at SCHLEIFRING means: We are committed to helping, first and foremost, children and families and support selected charitable projects in our region.  For us, solidarity means sharing responsibility for our fellow human beings and investing part of our profits in society in general.

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Teamwork and Mutual Esteem –

The corporate culture at SCHLEIFRING is distinguished by relaxed, but respectful personal interactions as well as social and ecological responsibility. We pay attention to each other’s needs, learn from each other and treat each other with respect. We support our staff to enable them to optimally develop their skills and talents, and we also protect them through optimum working conditions, training courses and supplementary company health insurance as well as a corresponding company pension scheme.

Conserve Resources

SCHLEIFRING develops energy-efficient technologies that are fit for the future, avoids waste and recycles old parts.  During the recycling process, the different components are dismantled into their individual parts at the end of their operating life and then fed into the recycling system. Parts that cannot be recycled are disposed of correctly. We check and improve these processes constantly, train our employees and make awareness of the resources entrusted to us and our environment part of our daily actions.

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Living Space on the Roof –
CO² Reduction & Temperature Equalisation

Roof greening instead of industrial flat roof: A conscious decision for the extension of the green spaces, for additional living space and for binding of pollutants. In conjunction with the adjacent natural environment, this makes an important contribution to the survival of endangered species such as bumblebees and wild bees. In addition, green roofs bind pollutants and CO² and, in turn, contribute to flood prevention. Furthermore, the UV radiation is unable to directly reach the roof-waterproofing layer. Peak temperatures are lowered in summer and cold temperatures are compensated for in winter. This saves energy and protects the environment – now and in the future.

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Quality and Durabilityt –
The Product Life Cycle in Focus

We set great store by the use of high-quality materials and the latest manufacturing processes in order to achieve and maintain our goal of ensuring the durability of our products. Technical progress enables us to offer low-maintenance, certified slip rings and thus reduces the customer’s workload and energy consumption. We continually check the entire value-added chain, this includes the analysis and evaluation of every phase of the product life cycle. We qualify our suppliers and ensure that our packaging is environmentally friendly and make sure our production sites in foreign countries are also bound by this concept.


Every slip ring design is unique and its development and manufacture constantly require new innovations and news ways of thinking. Our experienced experts work passionately day in, day out to find the best solutions for our customers – for every single slip ring and for all fields of application.


The Art of Engineering Made in Germany

Requirements that are particularly complicated highlight the extraordinary passion of our employees – the “art of engineering” is taken literally here. SCHLEIFRING is the technology expert and market leader.

More than 230 Patents

We have been working very successfully on innovative and reliable transmission technology for over 50 years now. To date, SCHLEIFRING has made several hundred trendsetting inventions, and we have applied for more than 230 patents.

6,000 Exclusive Solutions

We are proud of the more than 6,000 exclusive solutions developed for our customers, and which not only provide them with significant advantages compared to the competition but also increase their profitability and ensure operational reliability.

35 Million Euros

SCHLEIFRING has generated more than a quarter of its annual turnover with its latest innovations.

Continuous Growth

In parallel to a rapidly changing market, our core competencies in the fields of design, development and production are constantly expanding. Several thousand slip ring designs exist already, and new tailor-made solutions are being added on a regular basis.

More than 700 Specialists

The skills, passion and experience of SCHLEIFRING’s employees form the perfect basis for outstanding results. We not only support our customers as an external supplier but also consider ourselves to be a strong development partner in our customer’s team.

10 Percent

We conduct research in a committed, systematic and methodical manner. Over the past few decades we have been able to well-nigh perfect our application-oriented research. About 10% of SCHLEIFRING’s annual turnover flows into research and development.

Systems up to 200 kW

In the industrial sector, systems are currently in use with power ratings ranging from 1 W to 10 kW, and even up to 200 kW in the medical technology field. We are really pleased to also be one step ahead of the competition in the field of inductive transmission.

Well-Positioned Worldwide

SCHLEIFRING has built up a strategic network of production plants and sales and service subsidiaries all round the world. This enables us to be as close as possible to our customers and to help them quickly, no matter what they need.


Schleifring GmbH (Headquarters)

Maisacher Straße 144
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


Schleifring GmbH

87600 Kaufbeuren

Schleifring Transmission Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Wuqing District
Tianjin City 301799
P.R. China

Schleifring North America, LLC

222 Mill Road
Chelmsford MA 01824

Electro-Miniatures Corporation

68 West Commercial Ave.
Moonachie, NJ 07074

The Defining Qualities of Our Company

[Translate to English:] Forschung und Entwicklung

Research and Development

Our strengths lie in the field of research and development. We conduct research in a committed and methodical manner, and our considerable investments (corresponding to 10% of our annual turnover) in this field for over 50 years regularly lead to outstanding results. We welcome special challenges – they motivate us to constantly redefine the limits of technical feasibility.


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A Strong Team

We are a strong team covering all business segments and hierarchal levels; a team in which everyone pulls together; a team that works together on the basis of mutual esteem and respect, and values new ways of thinking.


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