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There are things on which one simply has to rely. We know how much depends on the perfect operation of our customers’ devices and machines. Which is why we do everything in our power to provide a perfect service. We ensure that our customers’ slip rings correspond to the current state of the art through regular modernization, necessary repairs, and rapidly available spare parts – throughout the service life of the device. In addition, as a SCHLEIFRING customer you can take advantage of our complete package – consisting of constant monitoring of all processes as well as maintenance and support in accordance with all international standards – free of charge.

Our Services

Repair and modernization

Repairs and Modernization

Your slip rings will always correspond to the latest technical standards – because we support you with their modernization over the entire service life of the device, and, if necessary, also with a professional repair service, during which every component is cleaned, carefully examined and replaced if required.

Do You Want to Place an Order for Repair Work?

Simply fill out our contact form or send us an e-mail at: We will contact you as quickly as possible. If you send the slip ring to our service department without accompanying information, we will start investigating the problem without delay in order to be able to send you a quotation as quickly as possible. If we do not receive a repair order in this case, handling costs may be incurred.

Order repair


You will receive precise documentation for every slip ring supplied by SCHLEIFRING. This includes details of key product features, inspection documents, certificates, and comprehensive assembly instructions. You will thus have all necessary information to hand at all times and can safely commission your slip ring on-site. If required, our service technicians will provide maintenance courses to suit your requirements – on our premises or at your site.

Spare Parts Management

The quick availability of spare parts is crucial for the avoidance of long production outages at our customers. We thus place a strong focus on spare-parts logistics. We invest in first-class inventory management to ensure that you receive parts and components as quickly as possible.

To Our Spare Parts

Spare parts management

Our Promise

At SCHLEIFRING you not only buy a product – you buy a promise: Our service experts ensure that things keep on turning for you – over the entire life of your slip ring. Even older models can profit from an upgrade. Our experts help you to upgrade your slip ring to the latest technical standards, no matter how long it has been in operation. We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry!

Maintenance with LubeLife

Maintenance with LubeLife

Both the quality and service life of every slip ring depend to a large degree on regular and professional maintenance. We have developed the LubeLife contact oil series for tailored, state-of-the-art maintenance. Each of the five spray-on oils was developed to meet specific requirements and conditions and improves the performance and transmission quality of your gold-wire system, especially towards the end of its life cycle.

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