Configurator for high-end slip rings

SCHLEIFRING’s modular configurator MIA enables high-quality, customized slip rings to be configured. MIA offers more than two million configuration options for the transmission of power and signals as well as use with Profibus, CAN bus, and Ethernet that can be delivered within three weeks.

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Configurator for high-performance slip rings

SCHLEIFRING’s Maverick configurator offers a large selection of compact, high-performance EU-compliant as well as RoHS- and REACH-certified high-performance slip rings that can be delivered immediately, for example for rotary tables, CCTV cameras, surgical lights, and robot arms.

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Configurator for fiber optic rotary joints

Using SCHLEIFRING’s FORJ configurator for high-quality fiber optic rotary joints, the customer can configure single-mode or multi-mode rotary joints and also specify the fiber length and the connections. The FORJ can be delivered within three weeks.

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As the market and technological leader in our sector, we provide support to approx. 3,000 customers around the globe and our international team comprises more than 700 employees. Start your career at SCHLEIFRING now and become part of our success story!

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Disproportionately large or microscopically small – every slip ring design is unique, and development and production require new ideas on a regular basis. Developing precisely tailored products that meet our customers’ individual requirements with regard to electric slip rings and contactless rotary joints is a challenge that we rise to with zeal on a daily basis.

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SCHLEIFRING applications

Luft- und Raumfahrt


Slip ring designs for the aerospace sector require a high degree of precision and technical reliability. Depending on the field of application, they are subject to extreme conditions. Working together with our customers, we develop customized slip rings that are able to fulfill these requirements.



Electric current is used to operate machines, devices and means of transport, for light and heat, and to transmit messages and data. The electricity needs are high – and the demand for environmentally friendly technologies for the generation of electricity is increasing. Slip rings are used to transmit power in wind power plants and wind turbines.


Schleifring Energie
Schleifring Medizin


In medical diagnostic imaging, computer tomography is an important instrument. Precise data would be impossible without CT slip rings. With a diameter of up to two meters, they are the giants among slip rings and allow contactless transmission of high-definition image data.


Industrial manufacturing

Industrial companies continually find themselves confronted with manifold technical challenges that constantly require new, state-of-the-art solutions. Modular slip rings for industrial applications offer the necessary individuality.



Slip rings make an indispensable contribution to the protection of people and property in radar and reconnaissance systems as well as in monitoring systems and baggage scanners.


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Having the freedom to play to one’s personal strengths, finding the perfect solution together with the team and mastering challenges with passion – at SCHLEIFRING you can start out on your career or take the next decisive step up the ladder. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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