Schleifring for CT-Scanner

»Health is our greatest asset – which is why reliable data is indispensable for the correct diagnosis. We work on technical solutions that help define the latest technical standards.«

Rotary Joints for CT Scanners


Best Possible Diagnostics

The global demand for sophisticated rotary joints for CT scanners is large – and can be comprehensively met by us as the market and innovation leader. With an internal diameter of up to two meters, our CT slip rings enable interference-free and contactless transmission of images and bus data. These data form the basis for making the best possible diagnosis and thus determining the correct treatment –
a valuable contribution for all patients.

Computed Tomography

Highest Data Rates

During the integration of a slip ring in a CT scanner, the challenge is to combine top performance in terms of resolution, coverage and speed in one device. To achieve this, every component was developed entirely from scratch with regard to its individual functions and its interaction with the other components and functions. SCHLEIFRING has thus achieved the highest-possible data rate in a series production system. Our transparent and continuous communication with our customers also led to excellent results in this case.

SCHLEIFRING Applications



Slip ring designs for the aerospace sector require a high degree of precision and technical reliability. Depending on the field of application, they are subject to extreme conditions. Working together with our customers, we develop customized slip rings that are able to fulfill these requirements.



Electric current is used to operate machines, devices and means of transport, for light and heat, and to transmit messages and data. The electricity needs are high – and the demand for environmentally friendly technologies for the generation of electricity is increasing. Slip rings are used to transmit power in wind power plants and wind turbines.


Schleifring Energy
 Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial companies continually find themselves confronted with manifold technical challenges that constantly require new, state-of-the-art solutions. Modular slip rings for industrial applications offer the necessary individuality.




Slip rings make an indispensable contribution to the protection of people and property in radar and reconnaissance systems as well as in monitoring systems and baggage scanners.