Until December 31, 2022 - 5,000 Euros Welcome Bonus for New Employees!

"A warm welcome" is taken literally at SCHLEIFRING! Employees of Schleifring GmbH distributed SCHLEIFRING hearts in search of new colleagues for their two locations in Fürstenfeldbruck and Kaufbeuren.

And SCHLEIFRING does not only sweeten the first day with gingerbread hearts: until the end of the year (31.12.2022) there is a welcome bonus for new, permanent employees. The welcome bonus amounts to a total of 5,000 euros. 2,000 euros of this will be paid out after 6 months of permanent employment, and the remaining 3,000 euros after three years of service. New apprentices also receive this amount. All new hires will find out the exact scale and the arrangement for part-time employees when they sign their contract. Browse the job offers on the company website under Careers/Job offers - it's worth it!