Generation of Wind Slip Rings

Latest Generation of Wind Slip Rings

Our latest generation of wind slip rings is used in wind turbines with a nominal capacity of more than 10 megawatts. We are proud to have developed and produced the slip rings for these record-breaking wind turbines. These slip rings are not only equipped with our proven gold spring wire technology, but also feature contactless data transmission using GigaCAP.

This success was made possible not only by our high-tech slip rings but also by the unparalleled efforts of our development team. In the middle of the main holiday season, we actively assisted with the commissioning of a prototype on site. Due to the Corona situation, no public transportation was allowed on this trip, so our team unceremoniously took the distance of more than 2000 kilometers by rental car. Our expertise, our technological edge and, last but not least, the personal commitment of our employees open up completely new possibilities for our customers - now and in the future!